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At Globus we understand the importance of transparency and knowledge sharing in the technical field, and we are committed to providing access to our valuable technical data and published papers. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop solutions and innovative ideas that have greatly contributed to the advancement of our industry. Please download any data beneficial to you.

Oxide Evolution During the Solidification of 316L Stainless Steel from Additive Manufacturing Powders with Different Oxygen Contents

Effect of Surface Oxides on the Melting and Solidification of 316L Stainless Steel Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Physical properties of metal powder such as flowability, spreadability and packing density are critical to the performance of powder bed additive manufacturing (AM) processes.

Following observations of microcracking in two, out of three, Additive manufactured (AM) 316L steel samples, an investigation was undertaken to ascertain the root cause.

Evolution of Non-metallic Inclusions Through Processing in Ti-V Microalloyed 316L and Al-V Microalloyed 17-4PH Stainless Steels for Hipping Applications

Globus Metal Powders is a UK powder metals producer and supplier established by Liberty who are specialists in metal manufacture, processing and trading along with the production of value added engineering products from steel, aluminium and other alloys.

Gill Thornton and Dr Xinjiang Hao MIMMM at Globus Metal Powders reflect on how digitally enabled additive manufacturing can transform the steel sector.